the blog is born!

the blog is born!

Photo by Otto L. Bettmann, poster composed by l’agence Bronx

A big warm welcome, vintage gals and guys!

We are The Vintage Dames - otherwise known as Amy and Emma - treasure hunters, lovers of sparkly things,  jewelry makers, poetry readers, burlesque fans, and passionate supporters of all things vintage.

We are fascinated by the history behind vintage items and the wonderful way that they still manage to slide effortlessly into modern fashion. There is something exciting and magical about buying a pair of Art Deco earrings and wondering about the glamorous Flapper Girl who showed them off first; finding a tooled leather bag and imagining the carefree hippie girl who first fell in love with it; discovering a rocking old leather jacket and picturing what kind of amazing loud and smoky nights out it experienced...

Our love of vintage prompted us to start writing all about it on this blog. We hope to bring you an interesting and fun look at fashion and culture through the decades, as well as plenty of other little treats from days gone by.

We really hope you enjoy what you see here. Happy Vintage Hunting!

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