a little retro psychedelia to liven up the work week

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As you will see from an earlier post, I only have to take a little drive around in my Dad's car to let my mind wander back to the swinging sixties. It's the music I was raised on and yes, despite the fact that I did not even come into this colorful world until 1984, I still seem to have an overwhelming affinity with headbands and a secret habit of telling myself that I belong at Woodstock. 

This weekend, in my Dad's car, I had to skip through a few dubious and unexpected Annie Lennox horrors;  but sure enough, the familiar childhood sound of grainy, happy vocals blasted through the speakers. (And I do mean blasted - I swear the man is going deaf). Though this time, there were not the simple 4-chord riffs of the Beatles et al; but something 
a little more experimental. 

The song was called Kites, released in 1967 and credited as one of the most influential releases during the psychedelic era. It reminded me a lot of Gotye's recent single, which seems to have completely taken over about 50% of the airtime on radio stations across the UK and Bay Area. It got me thinking about the history of psychedelia, and of course, the fashions surrounding it. 

As you may know by now, we Vintage Dames are based around San Francisco - naturally, the importance of Haight in the hippie movement lies close to our hearts. So we've made you a little playlist taster to enjoy whilst we write about it!

|| Em

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