vintage costume jewelry treasures!

As someone who has designed jewelry, I can look at a vintage piece and feel the time and creative energy that a long ago and often unknown artist has put into a piece.  My jewelry box is a treasure trove of individual art pieces.  Opening it to find a necklace to wear makes me imagine my own mini art museum.  Today I want to share a collection of artistic treasures from vintage jewelry designers from the 20th century. ~ Amy

vintage dior bracelet
Christian Dior Vintage Pearl Choker 1970s / 1980s

Delizza and Elster Vintage Bracelet
Delizza & Elster 1960s Vintage Juliana Bracelet

Hattie Carnegie Vintage Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace - 1960s/1970s
Vintage Mazer Bros Earrings
Mazer Bros. 1930's Art Deco Sterling Silver Earrings

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  1. Love the 1960s Juliana Bracelet!!

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