in-flight essentials

I don't know about you, but Spring has me well geared up for a bit of early wanderlust. Oooh, holiday feet. I've also spent more flippin' time on planes over the past 3 years chasing vintage goodies than I had ever totaled up in my 26-years-previous! I think I've got it just about down now, so here are my tips to help you on your travels. Ready to board!
1. Repeat after me: comfort be thy friend. Leggings are the ultimate go-to for long-haul flights. I am loving this floral pair!  

2. Now, I'm not a religious gal, but praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for Batiste dry shampoo... now in travel size!

3. Sure, you'd normally spend 30 minutes (read: an hour and a half) applying makeup in the morning. Not at 3am when your flight leaves in 2 hours and you need to obsessively check "just one more time" for keys, passport, keys, lipstick... Forget the makeup and add a bold, bright scarf to your tresses for instant glam factor. Then check to see if you have your passport again.

4. Nobody wants to be the irritating pillock at the security belt (yes, we've all been there) fumbling frantically with every last bit of metal on their person. Make it easy! Zip through security with this fab wooden bangle.

5. Loose, comfortable tops like this one are ideal for flying. I always carry a spare one in my hand luggage, too - especially if I've got flight changes to deal with and lots of running around.

6. These Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers are bursting with fruity scents - there are tons of juicy varieties to choose from!

7. I've recently fallen madly, deeply in love with leather backpacks. They make the perfect carry on, with plenty of room for your essentials, and zipped pockets to keep those important documents in.

8. Wet n Wild's Balm Stain is another new addiction of mine. High-pigment colour that is perfect for livening up your 'Flight Face'.

9. These mint green Topshop ballet pumps are to die for, and easy to slip off at security! (See: fumbling idiot).

10. If you're anything like me, you'll struggle to sleep on planes. Drift off to your own private sanctuary with this beautiful handmade sleep mask.

11. SteamCream is flying off the shelves of ASOS right now. This multipurpose lotion is ideal for in-flight hydration, and comes in a range of adorable, limited edition tins.

12. The La Fresh range of wipes are quite simply amazing. From nail varnish removal wipes to these soothing body wipes, they make the in-seat freshen-up a total piece of cake!

13. Leave expensive watches at home and fly with a cute silicone bangle watch, available in a rainbow variety of colours!

14. Fourteen hours on a plane does not a good hair moment make. Land, stick on a cuper cute bowler hat, and off you go!

15. Unless you're a fan of the disproportionate amount of Jennifer Aniston movies available on in-flight entertainment systems (no judgement...), you'll be wanting to take a tablet with you. Keep it snug in this adorable iPad case.

16. Of course, once your trusty tablet has seen you through the plethora of deaths in Game of Thrones season three, you'll be needing this mobile phone and iPad charger.

17. Ward away dark circles with a personal favourite of mine - the magnificent Boot's No7 Instant Radiance Concealer.

18. Make the most of your carry-on allowance with this fantastic wheelie case from the superbly retro Orla Kiely Multi Stem range!

19. Let's face it. There's almost no better feelgood moment than the second you step outside the airport and are hit with glorious rays of direct sunlight that could burn your corneas right off. These fabulous aviators from the Lilly Pulitzer range will stop that from happening.

20. Oh, cashmere. How I do love thee. Especially when the fiend sitting next to me is blasting their air-con to the maddened ferocity of a gale force wind. These Himalayan cashmere scarves from Fig & Bella come in 35 different colours. Just try not to strangle the air-con fiddler with it.

Oh, and...

21. You know when you keep nodding off on the plane, causing your head to jolt forward like a floppy Dandelion after some kid has given it a gleeful kick? No more panicked glances around the cabin to see if anyone saw: this memory foam travel pillow will keep your head where it's supposed to be. That is, not jamming sporadically into your chest.

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