50s greaser boys

the lovely lure of the 50's greaser boy

Greasers were the quintessential 'bad boys' of the 1950’s. Sporting a typically rock n' roll, carefree attitude, along with leather or denim jackets, white T-shirts, cigarette packs rolled up in their sleeves, and a slicked back pompadour, they ruled the day - and stole hearts of swooning girls - from the wrong side of the tracks.

everyone's favorite Rebel Without a Cause

This style came to life in roles defined by Marlon Brando, a motorcycle gang leader, in The Wild One (1953) and James Dean, a new kid in town with a perchance for trouble, in Rebel Without a Cause (1955).  Both of these deliciously styled iconic greasers got the girls and still maintained their bad boy cool.

and of course, our favorite Wild One

Over time, Hollywood and the fashion scene revisited this classic 50's look over and over in films like American Graffiti (1973), where good-hearted bad boy John is portrayed by Paul Le Mat; Grease (1978), in which Danny Zuko played by John Travolta ran a pack of rebel car racing T-Birds that stole our hearts; and of course the 80’s cult classic The Outsiders (1983) that portrayed one of the sexiest casts ever to grace the silver screen and swagger with perfect greaser style and charm.

          Em is rather proud to admit that Danny Zuko was her actual childhood style icon

And of course, it would be wrong to finish this post without mentioning the 90's take on 50's greaser boy style. Johnny Depp was the perfect man for the role in Cry Baby (1990): a film about an impossibly gorgeous, and of course, rebellious boy with a tough exterior... and that soft gooey center that all girls love to imagine all boys who wear leather jackets secretly have. The music, the wardrobe and the general atmosphere of this film have 50's rock n' roll pegged!

3, 2, 1.... swoon!

Greaser boys of the fabulous 50's: part rock n roll, part bad boy; but one hundred percent sex appeal!  Nobody can deny that the greaser look is a timeless classic that to this day makes the pulse rate and temperature rise of the female population from any age and generation!

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