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We've got a lovely great ton of summer costume jewelry coming into the shop over the next couple of weeks - one of which is a pair of vintage earrings with.... spell it with me now... Aurora Borealis rhinestones. Thankfully, it is also known as 'AB'... which is how we shall spell it for the rest of this post. (Too great a strain for a Saturday night brain).

AB stones were named after the famous Northern Lights - coined 'Aurora Borealis' in 1621, after the Roman goddess of dawn (Aurora) and the Greek term for the northerly wind (Boreas). 

 The Northern Lights - J70  /Large Glass Tile Pendant / Buy 2 Get 3rd Free / Includes Chain and Free Shipping 
The Northern Lights on glass tile pendant

As a general rule of thumb, vintage AB pieces date back to the 1950's and no earlier. In fact, it was Swarovski and Dior that came together to create the very first AB crystal in 1956. Initially, created with this new and beautiful technique was extremely expensive - however, once acrylic versions of the same finish were produced, the glamour of AB jewelry became available to the masses.

Swarovski Aurora Borealis Crystal Necklace, Wire Wrapped Glass Helix Teardrop, Sterling Silver Necklace, Under 50 Fashion For Women
handmade Swarovski AB helix necklace

AB jewelry was extremely popular during the 50's and 60's, due to its newness. Given its beauty, it is not difficult to understand why it is still popular some 56 years later!

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