1920s music

this week's theme:
flapper girls of the roaring 20's

Flapper Jazz by Bellissima Vintages on Grooveshark

After last week's rockin' and rollin' 50's theme, we thought we'd take a step back a little further in time to one of our favourite vintage subjects - the fabulous flapper girls of the roaring 20's!

First we'll be looking out for updates on this years Great Gatsby movie... something we're hugely excited about! We'll give you some history on the all-important Coco Chanel, who is widely credited as being the driving force behind the androgynous styling of the flappers. We'll look into how you can replicate flapper style in the modern world - with vintage dresses and jewelry as well as current takes on 20's fashion!

And as usual, here's a little Monday music to get you in the mood! Enjoy!

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