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Happy Monday vintage girls and boys! Our blog has been up and running for a couple of weeks now; it is still somewhat of a baby and we are feeling uber-excited about all the things we can share with you.

One thing that we're looking forward to starting is a theme of the week. This could be anything from 20's flapper style, to 40's wartime, to 70's disco, to 80's power dressing. Throughout the week, you will see a large portion of our posts containing various images, articles, features and quotes around our chosen theme.

So onto this week - 50's rock and roll! We're talking Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard (even Cliff Richard was surprisingly credible back then)... jive dancing... jukeboxes... diners... polka dot circle skirts... greasers.... 

To get you into the spirit, we've compiled a little playlist of classic 50's rock and roll singles. We hope you enjoy!

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