West Germany Costume Jewelry

Hello Vintage Dames and Dudes!

Continuing our week of celebrating costume jewelry, we thought we'd talk a little about some of the fabulous creations that came out of one country in particular: West Germany.

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Costume jewelry from West Germany is particularly desired by vintage enthusiasts. Firstly, because they created fantastic quality pieces; secondly because the presence of the name helps to date the jewelry - something that can be tricky with other signatures - and finally, because pieces from that time period are becoming scarcer in the modern world.

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In 1949, Germany split into East and West Germany and remained that way until 1990; when they merged to form Germany again. 

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In terms of dating - pieces marked 'Germany' are pre-1949 or post 1990.

Those made in 1949 are marked:
  • Western Zone Germany
  • American Zone Germany
  • W. Germany
  • Made in West/ern Germany
  • German Democratic Republic (for Eastern Germany)
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Most costume jewelry from Germany was made between the 1920's and 50's.

In terms of style, jewelry produced in West Germany was often bold and bright. Plastic was extremely popular and cluster earrings are quite quintessential to Western Germany.

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