touring california

Howdy vintage fans!

With Christmas around the corner, we've started to reflect on the past year. 2013 has certainly been a busy one for us! We thought we'd share a little of what we've been doing over the past 12 months. We'd love to know your best memory of 2013. These are ours:

pismo roadtrip | peanut-shaped hat thief
down on pismo beach | brit boys
vintage picker in the making | alameda
playing dinosaurs | big sur
PCH roadtrip | an orange mustang and a campervan-shaped piece of american pie!
monterey road trip | ghirardellis sea salt hot chocolates? yum
petting zoo | the one on the right: "amy's jacket. nom."
brit boy tour | making friends with a ladybug
pismo beach | you haven't had cinnamon rolls until you've had them from this place, at 8 in the morning, on the boardwalk
arcades | they are for grown ups too... we swear!
treading kernel lake
a peanut on a pumpkin patch
picking trip down the pch
picking trip in blazing 100 degree heat | someone's gotta do it
somewhere off the pch | 80's toy phone for the peanut | we called him bob
you don't get signs like this in british villages!

preparing for halloween!

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