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halloween bat truffles
adorable bat truffles | here

I don't know about you guys, but we LOVE Halloween. Why? Well, Halloween doesn't care if you're over 10 years old. It doesn't judge your penchant for sugar - in fact, it promotes the stuffing of face with candy. And it embraces self-expression with more, shall we say, 'variety' than Easter and Christmas (really... what are the dress-up options?)

I once went to a Halloween party as the personification of the drink 'Sailor Jerry'. I was a Sailor, with a Jerry badge attached to my hat. I thought that was pretty ingenious myself. Last year we spent it trick or treating with Bella in the pouring rain, which was actually fantastic fun. Then we got all dressed up as a cat fairy (I wanted to wear wings) and an evil fairy for a night out in San Francisco. It was probably one of the best Halloweens yet. 

This year Amy has her hands full planning Bella's first Halloween party (a house full of party games for sugared-up 4-5 year olds: I'm actually a little jealous; I wanna play too). I'll no doubt be trawling some British pubs, at least drinking Sailor Jerry if not dressed as Sailor Jery. 

Pinterest has some AMAZING ideas for kids' Halloween parties. If you want some inspiration, check out our board!

For the big kids among us, take a look at these Halloween DIY ideas and get crafting, baking, and prepping for one of the best holidays of the year! Enjoy!  Emma

pumpkin recipesnever know what to do with all the pumpkin filling? look no further! 50 unbelievably yummy things to do with pumpkins | here
diy cakestandsI want to make on of these right now! diy halloween cake stands | here
black pumpkinlove the idea of a black halloween! diy matte pumpkin and stitched frames | here
halloween book coversfantastic idea for house parties. you could even cover a notebook and scrawl some halloween-themed recipes inside | here
halloween cakeno luminous orange frosting here - a fresh take on a halloween cake | here
halloween treat ideasso cute! perfect for party favours | here
seriously stunning bunting | here

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