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So, I'll admit it. I believe in horoscopes. Sure, I've accidentally read the wrong horoscope and nodded along with every single insightful remark before realising that I'm actually looking at Aquarius' week ahead. But still... they make total sense. And due to the new moon in Libra(or something... I don't know... ~looks left to right~) I've been informed by the powers that be (Elle horoscopes) that October is makeover month. We are talking the effervescent lure of Yoga. 

This is the month I not only quit smoking (well, erm, switched to e-cigarettes), but also started a new fitness regime. Yes, friends, it's all kale, quinoa and downward facing dogs over here. Let me tell you, those months spent in the car on Californian picking trips, gaffling the only two things that will get me out of bed for 8am yard sales (read: Sausage and Egg McMuffins + Starbuck's Chai Lattes) have taken their toll. 

My vintage-inspired, all-time favourite, floral denim shorts that Amy is sick of seeing are now a little more, shall we say, bodycon, than they once were. The con being that I am convinced I can still fasten them.

So! Time for action. And really? I quite enjoy having a little T + A. But it's time to shake things up. I'm talking Ten Week Yoga Challenge. If my heels can touch the ground in the downward dog pose by then, I'll be seriously happy.

So, on that note, I wanted to share an inspiration mix of yogic sentiments, exercise mantras, and of course, a splash of vintage workout gear (old school Adidas tracksuits are calling me). I'll keep you posted on my progress - let us know if you're setting a challenge for yourself this month! Namaste and all that jazz. • Emma

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