vintage picking: the shoe doctor

My mother always used to tell me that appropriate footwear was important.  With that in mind I had to laugh at myself over the weekend, for my shoes were entirely inappropriate for my activities...

summer sandals
good for picking, right? // source

Before I share with you how I'm now sporting a dozen bug bites and scraps on my ankles, you should know that I'm often harping on Em about wearing the most protective shoes for various picking situations... i.e. scrapyards, barns, attics, and garages; each often deep in debris.

military boots
now, that's what I'm talkin' about // source

The first, and probably the truest, love of my life is shoes... or I should say: SHOES!!!  At last count I possessed 68 pairs of my own personal, not including the vintages beauties I sell, SHOES.

DIY shoe rack
lots and lots and lots of ... complete inappropriate shoes // source

I was quite lucky to have married a husband that finds S H O E S sexy on my feet and indulges me in my shoe-dom. Often I can be heard giving words of wisdom to young twenty year old girls of my acquaintance: always marry a man that at very least appreciates sexy shoes and/or has a full on shoe fetish, because then you shall never lack for the indulgence of S H O E shopping! I mean, let's face it, the only thing better than wearing great shoes is shopping for great shoes.

red vintage shoes
French antique market browsing? Yes. Barn rummaging? Not on your life. // source

Back to my story. My love of great shoes meant that this weekend I went away on a trip and got some much needed non-munchkin time with my wonderful hubby, with only some slinky sandals in my suitcase {four pairs in-case you were wondering}.  

modcloth wedges
you might break your neck, but you'll bag an antique ladder for 5 bucks in the process // source

Of course I love to pick whenever and wherever life takes me, but alas, I didn't bring any of my appropriate foot attire to climb through this dilapidated old barn, soon to be torn down, that I happened to stumble across. This of course did not stop me from delving into the heaping four foot high pile of debris on a quest for a single old metal milk crate. This brings us to Monday morning and I find my ankles are driving me wild itching, bumpy, and inflamed from whatever insects were living in that heap...  

red converse
the vintage picking feet cure-all: Converse, baby! // source

The moral to my story is: always pack a pair of picking shoes for whatever kind of weekend you have planned, because let's face it, whether we are pickers by occupation or pickers for fun, we should always protect our bodies.

Confession:  Did I learn my lesson?  Absolutely not!!  I'd dig through that old barn again in whatever footwear was available, because, let's face the facts: vintage metal milk crates are a creative,  fun, and organized way to store our growing collection of... S H O E S!  Amy

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