9 Ways to Wear Birkenstocks: Birks With Balls

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Birkenstocks. They be back. Back in a big way...

... And honestly? I'm feeling it. 

Amy laughs at me mercilessly, but it's true. I find myself unabashedly enamoured with these so-ugly-they-intrigue-me slabs of cork and leather. Honest to God, I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but it seems the Pinterestbrainwash has taken hold of my apparently easily-influenced tiny little mind.

And what's more, back in 1992, the New York Times praised what was then the '60s revival of the Birkenstock: 'If a Ferragamo pump is a sonnet, then the Birkenstock, the humble sandal that has found new following lately, is a haiku: simple, spare, unadorned'. 

Well, never let it be said that this girl doesn't love a good haiku. That and I'm going to be burning the cobbles in Italy next month and doubt the $8 leopard print foam flip-flops that dutifully served me during last year's serious pavement pounding of San Francisco will cut the mustard. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on. 

The thing with Birkenstocks, though, is that every little detail hangs in the balance. Get that skirt length just an inch too long and you're way back in granola land, Dorothy. The modern revival of the Birk emphasises a certain minimalistic swagger: frankly, it's all about cojones. So, without further adieu, here are 9 of the best ways to do Birks With Balls...

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Birkenstocks with jumpsuit

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